Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Foot Song - Adventure Time

Jen says... it's the end of Week 1 at the ULTRArace household and I'm currently sat with my right foot soaking in a bowl of tea as part of my new footcare regime...

On 15th September, Rory and I started our footcare experiment, kick started by Jane Crafts, Footcare Professional Extraordinaire. Over the next few months we will be performing different treatments on my left and right foot to find out exactly what works and what hurts...

This week...

LEFT Foot - following a filing, smoothing and creaming by Jane, every toe was taped up. They will remain permanently taped (replacing it when needs be). We want to see if (a) the already blistered toes heal whilst taped and (b) whether the taping prevents further blistering with my running regime.

RIGHT Foot - received no treatment by Jane last week. This foot is soaking in tea as frequently as possible and then being left to dry on its own. This hardens the skin. Question - are the blisters caused because the skin is too delicate and therefore needs hardening up?

Running - I've done a fair amount this week incl. a 29 mile recce of our ULTRArace Grantham course... no new blisters on either foot and my taped foot seems to be healing (although taking the plasters off peeled a lot of skin with it - note to self to it in hot water next time)!

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