Friday, 24 September 2010

Crash - Propeller Heads

Waking at five to get two trains, a bus and a plane to get to the Isle of Man today was a real test of endurance. Even 'Fat Unhelpful Man' at Long Eaton train station ticket office was helpful... especially when he told me the first train in the chain was 'delayed'. When it finally appeared on his screen, it was in fact only 12 minutes late and that kept my connecting journeys intact to get the prop plane over to the 'Rock in the Irish Sea'.

I did have a couple of interesting moments with a group lager drinking pre-nine am off on a guys holiday abroad and a toilet in Liverpool South Parkway station that cleans itself and has a press button bog roll dispenser... whatever next? It was a bit strange as it announced to all what was going on with the whole process over a loudspeaker for all to hear. 'Door Shutting... Trousers Down etc.'

Anyway... I am here. In one piece and ready for a 40 mile warm up tomorrow, before the 40 mile warm down on Sunday. Oh and I'm Public Speaking at 7.30pm tonight in Creg Ny Baa... which includes a 'Chip Butty'! Food for thought eh?

I'll let you know how it goes later...

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