Thursday, 30 September 2010

New Horizons - The Moody Blues

I got a call from Ade Caroen today, one of my MdeS 2010 trainee's. I always love talking to Ade because he is SO full of life and is a real energy giver. And like most people who go thru an amazing transformation and a life changing journey, Ade is looking for another goal to focus on.

I think most of us are in that situation and I more than most can draw strength from seeing others take the plunge... it's a very fortunate position to be there at the moment that someone else takes that first footstep to making their dream a reality.

Ade, well whatever he does he will make it... he's just that sort of chap. Extremely thorough and prepared to do whatever it takes to make the finish line.

I'll keep you posted with his progress...

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