Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Bitune - The Great Compression

Jen says... Rory and I finally bit the bullet and tried out a pair of compression calf guards today. Rory had seen people using Boosters at the MdeS so this was our chosen brand.

Rory needed a ridiculous XL+ (the largest size available) whilst a S (the smallest size available) was all I needed. As you can see here the difference is comical!

We both did an hour on the treadmill, Rory's was a recovery run given his equally ridiculous 80 miles on the weekend, whereas I opted for a fartlek session.

I traditionally suffer from tight calves, which is probably partly the cause of my long stint off recently with achilles tendonitis, and it is during speedwork that I get particularly apprehensive about injuring them. These made a real difference - I'm not sure whether it was psychosomatic or because they actually had a physiological difference, but I will DEFINITELY continue to wear them during training... an expensive but very worthwhile investment in my opinion...

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