Friday, 29 June 2012

Over the Hill - Communion Jam

What no Becks at the Olympics! No not the beer, I mean our David. What the heck was Stuart 'Pyscho' Pearce thinking about leaving him out of the GB team? He's the shining example of what it takes to pull on a national vest and perform for one's country... he's always delivered and I'm not impressed with him being left out!

I wonder if 'Seb' has other 'duties' for Becks? I hope not  as it's the momentum and inspiration that he delivers to his team members that can be the break of winning and us getting a medal of some description or not...

Maybe Becks can be reconsidered - let's hope so for his sake and for the sake of the GB team. I'm sure he's gutted and this isn't about money for him... it's about PRIDE and it's a sad way to leave a career where he's given so much.

More tomorrow...

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