Sunday, 3 June 2012

Celebrate - Kool and the Gang

Well on this marvellous Jubilee Weekend, isn't it sad that there's an anti-royalist protest planned during the Jubilee River Pageant... no matter what you think about the Queen etc. if people want to celebrate, why can't they just get on with it without people trying to ruin their fun. 

Apparently, they will hold placards and banners saying 'citizen not subject', 'power to the people' and 'democracy not monarchy'. Guest speakers at the event include human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell and columnist Joan Smith. 

Republic's chief executive Graham Smith said: "Our message is to the wider public that there is an active and growing movement they can join rather than sitting and watching on TV. We are planning a peaceful protest and many families will be joining us". 

"We can't wait for Sunday. Our loud, bold and provocative protest will be a major step forward for the republican movement and an opportunity to kick-start a real debate about the future of the monarchy. The royals spend most of their lives shielded from criticism; this protest will give them a rare glimpse of the strength of republican sentiment in Britain today". 

Hmm...Why don't they just enjoy a long weekend like everyone else, as it's an extra day off work... That's what we're doing and not trying to spoil lots of people's fun. 

More tomorrow after the Kent Roadrunner Marathon...

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