Monday, 11 June 2012

Disappear - INXS

Now can anyone tell me what has happened to Jimmy Tarbuck? He's not dead, I've checked...he's just disappeared. Tarby used to be on TV all the time in variety shows and game shows but he's just vanished. Folk do you know, even some at the peak of their careers such as the lovely Jan Francis and even lovlier Lysette Anthony. What a not Tarby, we didn't need him in the first place really!

I could add Caroline Langrishe and Chris Jury from Lovejoy fame to my list of vanished celebs ... is there a black hole? If there is I will of course be sending my usual suspects off on the next 'Starship' (see what I did there)... but what I need to know is who else is 'Missing in action?'

Do we need a search party?

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