Thursday, 14 June 2012

Red Light - David Nail

My word what's going on... Pelican Crossing are going to have to slow down! Apparently the general population can't cover the required 1.2m/second to cross the road anymore and people are in danger of getting run over. The new speed of 0.8m/second is as fast as some can go, which is 14.5 hour marathon pace... it's frightening.
What a sad state of fitness levels for the 21st century man... even the 76 year old original Green Cross Code Man, David Prowse can still walk faster than that!

Maybe we need some initiative to get people out there walking and exercising more so that I spend less time at Red Lights waiting for them to crawl across the road or even worse, press the button when they don't need to stop the traffic...

GRRR - more tomorrow!

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