Thursday, 28 June 2012

Survival - Muse

Well there's less then a month left until the start of the Olympics, and I am wondering just how many Sebastian Coes there are? He was shown in the news in three different places yesretrday and he's popping up everywhere right now as we enter the final run into the seven years of preparation for what could be the sporting event of our lifetime.

Hopefully it will run as smoothly as all of the Olympic Spin dcotors are predicting and they will find the 1.5 million school children they need to occupy the empty seats in the stadiums during the events. I just hope it's not going to be a 'Global Flop' as the UK promised so much to get the Games in  the first place.

I will be watching closely and drawing inspiration from my new Coaching Hero, David Brailsford as I am fascinated to see how the cyclists get on... especially Bradley Higgins (also in the Tour de France). 'Bout time we won something...

More later...

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