Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jessie J - Domino

Well did you see the concert? Boy oh boy some of the old pension brigade of entertainers - namely Paul McCartney, Elton John and Cliff Richard should have been left firmly in the home or should that be FLAT...as it was just plain nasty at times. No wonder the Queen was wearing bright yellow earplugs.

Gary Barlow must have been disappointed with some of the weaker performances which is a shame as it had started far too well with Robbie Williams and Jessie J who both showing that they could actually SING unlike the horrific Will-i-am. Don't worry though Gazza as your knighthood's still safe...

Although, wheeling out Rolf Harris and 'C' list celebs including the ever talentless Lenry Henry didn't do it any favours either IMO to nail it all together. What we needed was Duran Duran and where were Coldplay? Were none of the world's best acts unavailable? We had a crummy rendition of Beautiful Day instead of the Real U2 (sorry Dan) and where were Queen?

Happily it did look like the Royals liked the Gig and Prince Charles speech was just a perfect way of summing up why so many people had gone to celebrate the occasion. Hopefully at the 70 year Platinum Jubilee, Annie Lennox and all the other no-hopers will be long gone and Cliff won't be trying to sing the Young Ones at 82?

Let's hope eh?

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