Friday, 15 June 2012

An Innocent Man - Billy Joel

Looks like it's time up for Lance Armstrong as the The United States anti-doping agency (USADA) are closing in on him and his three doctors on their 'Alledged' doping activities during his racing career.

Interestingly enough Armstrong has tested negative in ALL off his doping tests and so is well in the clear but has been named by his fellow team-mates that he was on performance enhancing drugs.

It's a bit like being convicted of murder without anyone finding a body with no DNA proof and just being convicted because someone said they saw you do it... I think they will have to do better than that to corner Armstrong as he has a MASSIVE following not only in cycling but also in the wider sporting world.

Whether he has or not been on drugs, we'll never know but it's a real shame that he is constantly under scrutiny and we are not celebrating his achievements without any doubt of his integrity.
There is a doubt there though isn't there. And it's bad that anyone wants to cheat to win and be blineded by adulation and monetary rewards. With the Olympics around the corner it makes you wonder just who is 'straight'... Hmmm

More tomorrow.

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