Saturday, 29 October 2011

SHoka'd by the Power - Kylie Minogue

Ha! I love them! It's like running with springs attached to your feet...What a great invention... a couple of comments - the heel tabs are far too high so they have already been lopped off, and sizing is unfortunately like every other female trainer on the market - FAR TOO NARROW. Still, I'm in 7.5 (a size bigger than my other trainers) and they are just about ok. I tried on the 8 in the shop but it was just longer with no extra width. Why are women's shoes always so narrow?

I had a lovely chat with Katherine on the way - she is ace and I think she'll do well in JOGLE. She has the right strategy and a great mental attitude. She is also wearing Hokas (we looked like the tweeny twins), but the mens' version. Wise move as they are wider - think I would have done the same if they had had my size!

So, the verdict so far is they are great. I don't think I would do all my running in them because they are so spongy I think they would probably aggravate my achilles, but for an addition to the collection they are fabulous, just a tad pricey atm even with my generous discount from Derby Runner.

I'm now in the car helping Rory and escaping the cold (it's bitter out there!)... Rory thinks I'll hop out again for another 10 miler but I'm thinking I quite like it in the warm :-)

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