Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Steam - Peter Gabriel

Got the steam up today back on a 'Power-Hour' on the treadmill in the gym and feel brilliant for the opportunity to get proper sweated up running at a good tempo. It must be as a result of a good few days rest and watching some great athletes over the weekend on our 'JOGLE Ultra' Tester weekend.

It's a good omen for me as right now I'm in the middle of my marathon number crunching period where training is not really too much of an option between 26.2+ milers. The Rutland Marathon and Druids Challenge Triple Ultra cannot happen soon enough so my training can come back on-line and I can get really fit for 2012.

A really want a good MdeS and possible GUCR145 as well so I need to get my skates on later this month... Do you?

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