Monday, 21 November 2011

Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones

Well it's been a very busy few days getting our Cardiff base ready for our move their at the end of the month and I can tell you that I never want to see a tin of Magnolia paint EVER AGAIN! Who on earth invented the stuff? There must be stockpiles of it in giant magnolia banks around the UK to meet the demand from builders and homeowners who are 'doing up' their properties.

Along the way, we have found the most confusing DIY shop... in the world in the shape of B&Q, Hadfield Road, Cardiff which seems to have little concept of having similar items such as paint, all down one aisle rather than littered around the store. It's like that in ALL of it's sections. I need one of their people to guide me round whenever we go in there.

Thank heavens the painting is complete now... my hands are as rough as sandpaper!

Let's hope, with a couple more trips, we will hopefully be installed in ARAF and things can get back to abnormal...

More tomorrow...

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