Sunday, 6 November 2011

United - Judas Priest

Well, I went to 'The Theatre of Dreams' yesterday aka 'Old Trafford' with son Sam. It really is an experience and also one hell of a long day out for just 90 mins of Premier League football. There must be something in it though as we were one of over 75,000 people there to see United beat Sunderland 1-0.

The mass feeling in the crowd is just fascinating and the people at the ground are just a complete spectrum of all shapes, sizes and creeds. For instance we had Lovejoy just in front of us and as we left we saw fans who are simply barking insane, talk about bizarre.

People watchers, I think that this is the place for you... it's probably better then the game!

Ah, the game... It was brillaint to watch especially as Ferguson celebrated 25 years as a manager. As you would expect, Rooney was simply awesome, head and shoulders above the other 21 players... no wonder he is so well paid.

To think these boys are finished at 33, if your name is Rio Ferdinand (not very good, yesterday), makes your mind boggle. At 49, I am still marathon running and didn't start until I was 31... wouldn't have done too many too many marathons if I'd stopped then eh?

Thank heavens for ULTRAs.

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