Saturday, 26 November 2011

DIY - Peter Gabriel

No wonder DIY shops are going out of business and it does make me wonder how IKEA ever manage to keep going as I am flabbergasted at the amount of different jobs I have had to do/fix/make and ok yes Screw together in the last couple of weeks. You need a Quantum Physics degree to get some of the jobs done... that and lots of physical AND emotional endurance... Took me 4 hrs to put a curtain pole up in a bay window last night and I know what I am doing!!!

Yes, moving must be a real bugger if you are no good with a brush and a screwdriver. And we are a mile from being anything like a Kevin McCloud, Grand Design job... as we are keeping it really simple. The only hard factor really is the 167 mile trip with a trailer which has seen Miss Salter behind the wheel with Yorkie Bar in hand... well for a split second anyway.

One more good trip and we're done... yes it's only one more battle with a few curtain poles, a couple of light fittings and a washing machine to go before I have the December ULTRArace Newsletter to get underway. My how we live, 'spose I had better DIY that too!

More tomorrow...

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