Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Knowledge - Operation Ivy

Just how much information are we mean't to know nowadays and how much do we have to 'Google' is a coversation that Jenny and I had today (oh how we live it up!). But it's so true... discuss anything and if you need the info all you do is get out your iPhone and 'Google' away. For instance I already know that Mt Everest is 8850m high but if you didn't believe me or wanted to check me out you could 'Google' Mt Everest and Wiki would give you that info - thing is why bother to learn in the first place.

The Times crossword is a lot easier when you can 'look up' the answers rather than know an obscure play or song. I mean what's wrong with not knowing but knowing where to look?'

Now when I was a lad, we had Log tables for doing our maths homework and wrote with fountain pens and used a library for researching subjects, which we then set to memory. Maybe education back then was more of a memory test and mental knowledge was power. Nowadays it's how you we get, share and store the info that is power and hence the root to success. The internet age has moneytised information and we are slaves to our extended gigabyte brains.

Where will it all end... oh hold on I'll 'Google' it...

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