Friday, 7 October 2011

Pull up to the Bumper - Grace Jones

We've been out marking The Nottingham ULTRA course today and have been wondering at times whether the people in the cars behind us are wanting to be part of our conversations. I say that because at times various drivers were just a paper's thickness behind us!

Now this might be that I am driving just within the speed limit or that I am just becoming an OAD (old aged driver)... but it's plain daft how some of the driver's we saw were going about their business. As runners, we rely on how people drive and it's totally out of our control... and that's always been a worry to me.

I think I have 8 of my 9 lives left after a narrow miss in Stratford-upon-Avon, many years ago?

Luckily, I am still not part of the 'Hi-VIZ Groovy Gang... let's hope it stays that way.

More tomorrow, from a forecasted wet day in Nottingham...

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