Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Let you fingers do the walking - Neil Young

We got our Yellow Pages today thru our letter box today. And it's just over A5 in size... another sign of modern day cut backs I'm sure. Now I worked on yellow pages back in the 80's as one of my first ever jobs (£1.75 per hour, I hasten to add), and Yellow Pages was a huge operation back then. It really was the source of all company information and EVERYBODY who was ANYBODY had a listing... I drew the adverts that went from Skip-hire adverts to Loft converters... in a studio with six people used Cowgum to stick down the text. By the end of the day, we were all high as a kite. Heady days!

Thirty years on and our Yellow Pages went straight in the bin and if I want to know where to get my loft converted or hire a skip, I will let my fingers do the 'tapping' and search the interweb to find a local service that we might need.

Only upside is that it's easier to tear in half nowadays...

More tomorrow...

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