Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Sound of Bread - Bread

Have you ever tried giving up your daily slice of yummy bread? I have now for about 10 days (it might be longer but I have lost count and lost the will to live) and I must admit to really missing my doorstep sized butties.

It's all part of yet another personality test, I am sure... it's me versus my resolve, just as it was with cigarettes, alcohol and even dare I say, Walkers Salt & Vinegar Crisps (the hardest of the lot to do, I add).

How long it will last, who knows... some of my abstentions are nearly 18 years old, so watch this space. All I do know is that I feel a lot less bloaty without all that supermarket loaf rising agent in me. The only 'good' bread is Sir Michael's Own. We'll see how good I am resisting that one very soon no doubt.

What do you like far too much, that you don't allow yourself to have?

More tomorrow...

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