Monday, 10 October 2011

Perfect Day - Varoius Artists

Jenny and Charlie Sharpe
More like a very long day really - but a very rewarding one for Jenny and myself at ULTRArace. It all went very much to plan and the whole day was most enjoyable to organise. The Nottingham ULTRA was awesome... good job we had our friends Andy, Katie, Rachel and Killers to give us great support at the checkpoints as well as some awesome cakes which went down very well indeed with the runners.

We were so lucky with the day and there's something special about Castle Road and the finish of this event... it's just electric at the finish line and there's a great buzz from the people watching too.

Everyone was in awe of Charlie Sharpe's amazing 3hrs and 43mins winning time... puts us all to shame... and he's only 22! And we were in awe too of Steve Smith and Trinity Booth who have run so well during our first ULTRArace Championship... enjoy it guys. You deserve it!

Now if the 194 photos have loaded, I am finally off to bed!

More tomorrow...

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