Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Working Hour - Tears for Fears

Hemlock Stone 1910 (not ten past 7)...
More like the working 10 hours today as we put down the rest of the arrows and tape for The Nottingham ULTRA... did it rain? Of course it bloody well did... luckily the Duracell Bunny Girl ran a lot of the first part of the course and did the Papplewick section of the route in terrible running conditions. It was tough for me too trying to keep the Chevy's windows from steaming up! Talk about hard work.

The rest of the course wasn't hard work, it was just real fun to run on and as I said earlier in the week, I am gutted that I will never run this race for real as the course is just brilliant imo.

Let's see if the 150 runners think so tomorrow... more then.

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