Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tunnel of Love - Dire Straits

Did you know there's a special Marathon on Friday in the Woolwich Foot Tunnel. Well the first 800 metres are in it anyway and at a brisk walk I hasten to mention. Nice idea though as back in 2000 we ran a similar race in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel to mark it's centenary too and it was a great success.

As I remember it was a very colourful night running 57 up and downs of the tunnel, which eventually made the walls sweat and made everyone go grey with oxygen deficiency. It was the talk of the 100MC for sometime afterwards.

Well here we are celebrating exactly 100 years of something we take for granted but at the time the tunnel was state of the art stuff. In fact the tunnel engineer, Maurice Fitzmaurice was knighted soon afterwards in 1912.

Maybe we'll give him and all those who dug the tunnel a thought on Friday, the 100th Anniversary of it's opening and also to 100MC member Tad Lancucki whose idea it was to run this marathon but sadly died before the 100 year anniversary came up.

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