Tuesday, 23 October 2012

End of an Era - Midnight Juggernaut

My word Ceefax is being switched off for good... yep it's the end of another era. It was state of the art stuff back in 1972 when the transistor world was flying high with Concorde and the jet age. Isn't it funny how something that was so advanced at the time is now seen as being totally past it and redundant.

Ceefax did have it's quirks of course - can you remember just missing the page you wanted to see and then having to wait ages for it to come around again? I didn't ever book a holiday on it as it would have been murder. Did you? I did use the TV pages as I remember though oh and the quiz page, although it was so slow you were likely to get a birthday card before the answers.

The Nokia Phone and CD are already destined... I wonder what else is heading that way?

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