Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Talk Talk -Talk Talk

If you are going to The Marathon des Sables Expo on Saturday, well I'll see you there. I'm looking forward to seeing my old chum MdS Race Director, Patrick Bauer and meeting Sir Ranulph Fiennes of 7 marathons in 7 days fame...Thinking about it I could give him a few pointers with my 43 ultras in 43 days.... hmm maybe I'll have a pep talk with Sir Ran.

Anyway, I will be blasting on about training of course, especially as I had four of my Performance Coaching Clients set new PB's at the weekend and I am already seeing huge differences in my training and performance with my uplift in speed, diet and distance.

Being able to do this stuff at 50 feels very important to me still and it's a good thing it's not about the winning like it is for Paula Radcliffe (btw she'd win ANY road race in the UK by miles and they take her funding away even at nearly 39), but is for me to see if I can be MY best...

Whatever that is...

Are you running YOUR best or is there still some in 'The Tank Frank'... I bet there is...

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