Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin

Apparently 4G went live yesterday in Caerdydd giving the internet a well earned turbo in our area. Only it doesn't seem to have had much impact as the 3G we already have is still dead patchy and NTL has been down all day in some kind of internet conspiracy breakdown.

Yes, I know I need an iPhone 5 to get the maximum benefit of the new Welsh Super-Hiway but as usual with all things mobile phone it would be good to get the previous manifestations correct across the whole country before promising the next big thing and then not delivering...

The annoying thing is that the technology is already there but the support network isn't. I am uploading tonight using my T-mobile Broadband and it's pretty dammed slow even though it's boasting 3G performance when I plug it into my laptop.

Bloody Internet... anyone else feeling the pain?

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