Monday, 8 October 2012

The Voice - John Farnham

Sometimes you have to listen to the voice in your head and get your head down and get some 'Miles in the bank Frank', especially following our Nottingham ULTRA yesterday. All that bl%dy speedwork has been worth it and on Saturday when we were marking the course, I felt on fire and ran with real tempo and ease.

In fact it made me a bit cheesed off that I wasn't running in the race itself as I'm sure I would have had a great race... ah well. It's one of the problems of staging races yourself as I would have done my old favourite the amazingly, unamazing Mablethorpe Marathon. Congratulations BTW to Paul Nicholls running his first marathon there yesterday.

It did make my 10 miler easier today as well so hopefully it bodes well for a good run up to The Druids Challenge next month.

Let's hope I keep talking myself up to the task ahead...

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