Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Say it right - Nelly Furtado

Stupid pack sizes in this photo - No wonder they are struggling :-)
If you say your going to do something... then make sure you do it as it's far too easy to back out or give up. Being committed to the task brings massive rewards in the long run and more and more we are seeing people prepared to give everything they've got to make sure they get to the finish line.

It's fascinating that we see great performances from people who haven't even necessarily peaked in their training but just because they have completed EVERY session they have succeeded in doing well.

There's a huge difference between training and performance... Every run or gym session isn't a do or die. Yes they can be very hard but they are designed to strengthen and prepare. But doing the training makes all the difference - you have to put the miles in.

We see this over and over again with folk doing The Marathon des Sables. People get all fired up when they enter and love buying the kit then don't train for The Worlds Toughest Race. If you are running the MdS next year and you have been to see me... are you doing all of your plan? If you're not, please start as you will do a whole lot better in Morocco believe me.

I intend to do well next year, do you? Are you committed to the task or just talking about it...

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