Friday, 20 July 2012

Tour de France - The Almighty Kraftwerk

When it comes to the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, next December, I hope that Bradley Wiggins gets a darned good mention. With the Olympics there to over-shadow The Tour de France and it being 'Team Sky', it might well get glossed over...

He's truly inspirational and it's amazing to think that in just a few days after 'The Tour', Wiggins will be in London competing at 'The Games'!

I know from my own multi-day running experiences how long it takes to recover when there's no respite between events. Wiggins must have fatigue and muscle wasting that we are not made aware of AND he's going to compete in the Olympics... How many other athletes will arrive at the games having competed in probably the toughest test of human endurance in sport and then try and win gold?

The cycling is one sport I will be glued to on TV... and hopefully Wiggins will win there too and get the accolade he truly deserves.

More tomorrow...

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