Monday, 30 July 2012

Broken - Tears for Fears

Well what do you think about Paula not running in the Olympic Marathon? I can't say I was surprised. I thought that in the twilight of her career she was better off retiring gracefully WELL BEFORE the games and might have been better off becoming one of the Sports Ambassadors or Commentators rather than putting her head on the block once again.

Instead I believe she'll now just disappear off the radar and then retire from competition all together. It's a shame because the public has her down as a quitter and she's far from that!

I believe she is simply the most awesome female distance runner the world has EVER seen... I was lucky enough to be there the day she set the Marathon World Best in 2003. It was an incredible run, a once in a lifetime achievement. Next time you are at the gym, set your treadmill on 18.8kph and see how long you stay on... 2hrs 15mins and 25secs if you want to equal our Paula's record... 2 minutes is a challenge, I can tell you.

As a nation, we need to capture what made Paula that much different from the rest and implement it in our young athletes... it's what makes Britons Great!

More tomorrow and hopefully some Gold Medals... PLEASE!

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