Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Short and Sweet - David Gilmour

Here's a session that you could fit in if you get half-an-hour to yourself and have a treadmill to hand as I did today. It all happened after an extended morning session with one of my star pupils Rory Gonzalez, from Germany. She's top of the class in commitment right now, especially as she flew over from Dusseldorf,  to be with me!

And even better than that, I quickly found that she's really been pulling out all the stops since I saw her just five weeks ago... seeing how she has improved in such a short time made me motivated to go bash out a very quick 30 minutes on the treadmill.

It's not an easy run for us ULTRA-runners as it really makes you pick your feet up for the first ten minutes at a time when you are trying to breathe steadily until you really get into a good 10km pace... after that it's OK and at the end I did a bit of a minor air-punching as I was happy to have completed the session. (Yes, I know it was a bit sad).

It really focused me on RUNNING rather than a slow ULTRA-dawdling...

It made me feel like a RUNNER... and that can't be bad... thanks Rory G...more tomorrow!

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