Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Home by the Sea - Genesis

Living in Cardiff has some real benefits as after living in the landlocked Midlands for nigh on 50 years, I now find myself living just a couple of miles from the Sea. I find it more and more relaxing and intriguing every time I go down to the bay or one of the local beaches or headlands. Southerdown above is a real favourite.

There's something powerful, natural and rejuvenating about the ocean and it's twice daily tides. The coastal paths down here are rugged and testing to run on as well as fragile as the pounding of the waves is slowly cutting them further and further back. It's an ever changing landscape.

Hopefully when we do get a summer I can investigate more of the coastline of South Wales which has recently been opened up as a mega-long distance footpath. I feel that's more my bag than lying on a Beach...

What do you think and I wonder if the Sea has the same attraction for you?

More tomorrow...

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