Sunday, 29 July 2012

And I will kiss - Underworld

Well are you watching? Are you feeling the full inspirational effect of The Olympics? I am! Following the AWESOME opening ceremony (where the Isambard Kingdom Brunel section, with it's chimneys and final lifting of the rings into place was just jaw-droppingly fantastic) I've been glued to the events ever since.

It's just so dramatic... Every event hangs by a thread. It's been shock after shock already. I just hope that the pressure doesn't get too much for our GB hopefuls. After seeing what's happened to Rebecca Adlington in the Swimming this morning and Mark Cavendish in the Road Race yesterday as well as hearing that Paula Radcliffe is only 50:50 fit, we have to make sure that our expectations don't outweigh our ability.

Any medals will be good for our GB competitors... and we should celebrate that and make that a staring point. The 'Salter Motto' of 'It's the winning that counts, not the taking part', maybe doesn't apply, well not yet eh?

I'll be there cheering them on... Will you?

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