Monday, 21 May 2012

The Race - Yello

Well what a day that was... We simply had a ball at our 2nd Aspire Cardiff Ultra and the runners did too by the amazing messages in the emails we have received today. It was just a really special day down in South Wales.

There were some brilliant running out there too... not only a winning time of 6hrs and 54mins but also a great run my from one of my coaching trainees, Andy Saville, who clocked a brilliant 7hrs 41mins and took 7th place overall. Not bad for someone who was completely out of sorts in our ULTRArace 45 earlier this year and maybe the lift back with me on day 2 was a good move for our Andy.

His running performances of late have been awesome! Nice one matey!

Anyway, it reminds me that I should take a spoon of my own medicine and get out there too, so post well deserved sleep, I will be back out on the case...


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