Thursday, 17 May 2012

Blue Peter - MIke Oldfield

Well what on earth is going on in BBCTV Land? Blue Peter gets just 200,000 viewers for it's one show a week now when only 10 years ago it banked a huge 1.2 million and in it's heyday used to regularly hit a cool 8 million.

It's very sad for a show that has had over 4600 shows and given over 50 years of children a million uses for a plastic washing up bottle and some sticky backed plastic... John Noakes will ALWAYS be one of my larger than life heroes - he was just simply ace back in the early 70's.

I did of course get my own 'Blue Peter Badge' in 2009 at a senior age of 47, whilst training Helen Skelton for her 78 mile Namibia ULTRA-marathon... hopefully my part in the show didn't slash audience figures and I feel sorry for Helen as she's a grand girl with a very bright future in Television.

Hopefully, the programme will escape the BBC Axeman and our of childhood's will be able to live on knowing that Blue Peter is still alive and breathing - with one fatal flaw perhaps, that no-one knows when it's on and apparently, (my Daughter Pearl 7 included) preferring a bit of Tracy Beaker instead.

Where's Noakes when you need him eh?

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