Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Burn - Deep Purple

Is someone trying to tell me something?... or is the Death Industry having a hard time in the recession as this is the best piece of Direct Mail I think I have ever received. Even better is the £200 off my funeral that I would get by producing the mailer... if only I wasn't DEAD.

It also offers a 'Guided Tour' of the ALL the facilities and a 'Full Colour Brochure'... makes you wonder eh?

I did phone them this morning to take them up on their kind offer... but there was no answer... shame as all that marketing has gone to waste, or they are overwhelmed with dead bodies. I was going to suggest a celebrity endorsement with Katie Price & Jodie Marsh amongst others who might want to undertake their offer... you might have some other suggestions! (Nearly added Lenny Henry I must admit)...

ANYWAY...Look for yourself at MEMORIA Cardiff's Newest Crematorium ... that's

Surprined that they didn't show a Bar-B-Q along with the Headstone and Coffin Curtains! The World's gone MAD!!!

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