Friday, 9 September 2011

Tonic for the Troops - Boomtown Rats

It must have been National Numpty Day today as we've experieneced a huge amount of strange happenings from poor customer service to people driving so close behind us that we were worried that they would drive into us! No joke I thought we were going to get rammed...

Even an old woman in the local Co-op was trying to cue-hijack... she got told!

Boy oh boy... it must be the weather! And yes you're bound to say GOM syndrome but it's not... I am pretty chilled actually. Maybe we need another Royal Wedding or something to pull us all together as a community.

We need something as it's winter in a couple of weeks... and that's enough to get anyones goat. Especially in these parts. Shame people don't take time to go and look at the Peak District like we did earlier today... it's a real Tonic for the Troops and you can't fail to smile when you're there.

That and a good run... that's what we all need. So it's now a new law - Run at least 26 miles a day... That will sort out most of the world's problems and there will be no more need for a National Numpty Day anymore.

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