Friday, 2 September 2011

Poison Ivy - The Coasters

It's been a day of Coasting down here in ARAF (Wales to you) as we have a couple of days off here before the Wolverhampton Marathon (690) on Sunday... talk about sunny too as the September rays were so good that the local naturists were out in force at Monknash. I tried to look of course but Jenny said that it must have been cold where they were judging by what she could see with the binoculars.

I must say that the more I see of the South Wales countryside, the more I fall in love with it and there is something really warm and challenging about the terrain down here. Being by the sea is most peaceful and living up in Derbyshire, it's something that we really miss out on.

Not sure I will be thinking about the sea in the morning as we hit 'parkrun' for a blowing out of the cobwebs and a try at getting under 23 minutes again...

More tomorrow...

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