Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fly on a Windshield - Genesis

Been another day of training today for me and for clients undertaking the 2012 Marathon des Sables. Like most Septembers there's been a real surge over the past week for MdeS training and information... it seems that six months represents a suitably long enough training period for most folk and a 0-60 acceleration from beginner to desert warrior, with our assistance.

I wonder what last pieces of training our M2M ULTRA runners are doing - hopefully they are just taking it easy now as all they can do now is to taper down to the event whcih starts next Wednesday.

Talking of tapering, we are too as it's our annual trip to The Robin Hood Marathon (my 15th RHM) this Sunday. Packing for Ireland will fill the gap in training, I'm sure.

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