Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A New World Record - ELO

I feel sorry for Paula Radcliffe tonight as the IAAF have made another stupid athletic ruling that means her 2:15:25 of 2003 is no longer a World Record. Reason - there were some men running in the race too.

What total TOSH!

Try and run at over 18kph for 2.25 hours IAAF numpties! There's only a few MEN that can do that... oh and the guy on the motorbike with the camera on it. It's hardly pacing and also SHE still had to run that fast. We were with her on the day and on the Monday at the Press Conference on the Flora 1000 Mile Challenge... she was in AGONY following that run - and it's not now a record?

It's blood typical... there's always someone ready to knock people's achievements. We should be building her up and helping her to better than this mark and win that gold medal. It's hardly an inspiring thing to do just before her marathon come back at Berlin.

2:15:25 is still the best in my book IAAF think again... you have got it ALL wrong about our Paula.

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