Sunday, 11 September 2011

Simply the Best - Tina Turner

Well I live with a Running Superstar and I'm most proud today of Jenny's and new Marathon PB of 3:11:22 - I know it takes real bottle to have a go at a marathon at any time but on the way onto a 24hr is totally amazing. Three last weeks of running have produced a 5km PB, 12hr PB and now a 42.2km... she's just awesome - and now resting - Coaches orders.

It goes to show you how proper endurance training can make a massive difference to one's running... couple that with her having the determination as well as the win at all costs frame of mind have really given her the edge.

Hopefully, our M2M ULTRA runner's will draw inspiration from her over their 11 days of running...

I know I am going to!

More from our trip Ireland tomorrow...

ULTRArace the home of ULTRArunning...

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