Saturday, 3 September 2011

Living on an Island - Status Quo

Been to Sully Island today which someone had just forked out £95,000 to own - a bit short of the £1.25M asking price but value for money perhaps if personal isolation is your bag. It's cut off twice a day by the tide and doesn't have any houses or shops so there's also no-one to fall out with which might help... I liked it... shame we used it as bomb target practise during WW2. We found loads of shell cases on the beach.

It was a far cry from the sheer suffocation of 'parkrun' this morning and no matter how I look at this - I hate it. I know it does me some good but it was 22:56 mins of pure hell this morning. Let's hope tomorrow's marathon is a bit easier eh? Slatershops banged in a 19:08 and racked up a pb by over 20 seconds so who says that a 75 miler isn't a good warm up, so I'd say she is flying right now.

Tapering down in Ireland should put her in the best condition for her 24hr later this month. It's not long now till the M2M ULTRA and more of that over the next few days for sure.

More tomorrow post Marathon...

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