Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Who are you? - The Who

I am pretty much on the pulse when it comes to Music and Entertainment but I am surprised that some of the so called entertainers we are being exposed to this Christmas leave me very cold and also are really quite useless.

The first case is Michael Buble or Michael Bubble as I call him... he is just so cheesy and who can say that they actually likes this guy?

And my second exhibit is Justin Bieber, who looks about 12 years old and hopefully has a career that finishes the day he starts shaving... Simon Cowell must have bought all of his records personally to get him this far.

The problem is that whilst we are being exposed to new artists like T-Pain singing 5 o'clock with Lily Allen (possibly the worst song I have ever heard), Bubble and Bebo will continue to rule the airwaves.

Are Coldplay the best we can offer in return?

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