Saturday, 3 December 2011

Cuddly Toy - Roachford

I saw the 2012 London Olympic Games Mascots today in town and ended up asking how many 'Wenlocks' had been sold in good old John Lewis ... after looking on their computer, the assistant said 21... to which I am amazed as it's a bit rubbish really. The other one is called Mandeville, if you were wondering...

Looking at it, it's hardly a World Cup Willie from 1966 or a cuddly Russian Winter Olympics 2014 Mascot, Cheburashka. Un-endearing is how I would describe it and possibly only Lord Seb thinks it's a good idea... let's hope I don't get one for Christmas as I can't possibly ever get to an age where they are worth a fortune on Ebay in the future...

Although having only sold 21... it might already be worth a bomb...hmm, I am off to John Lewis to get me a bargain.

Bet you want one now?

More tomorrow...

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