Monday, 19 December 2011

Day Tripper - The Beatles

No wonder the nation is in crisis, especially at the Passports Office as I saw the worst case of their personnel usage by them having an employee pointing people to the next available position at Bristol Airport today. I mean are people THAT STUPID?

Even the Post Office have worked out the 'Cashier Number 1 Please' or 2 or 3 etc... I think they ought to get someone in to sort them out...

As do easyJet with their 'Speedy Boarding' ... which was far from 'Speedy' and gave the people who paid (we didn't but claimed for Speedy on Salter's dodgy feet) for the privilege a massive 30 seconds start up the steps onto the plane... talk about a dismal experience.

Let's hope that some Christmas cheer shines thru the gloom of December... and hopefully someone will give me my own Room 101 for Christmas where these as well as good old Lenny and Dawn will become no more...

Here's hoping...

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