Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tiger Feet - Mud

Not so Tiger Feet and more Mud actually as we went out on the new 'Canton Canter' fact finding mission today. I can't say that I was too enthused at the start of the run but we were quickly running alongside The Millennium Stadium and out through the docks passing The Welsh Assembly buildings. The new developments along Cardiff Bay are simply stunning and make a great impression on me early on in the run.

From there past the lovely Penarth, with some of the best and worst houses in Wales and it was uphill for AGES until we hit more hills and MUD, quagmires of the darn stuff and then more hills until we found a newly marked footpath which was also on our OS map but blocked off by the M4! We did a 180 here and found our way round to connect again with the planned Taff Trail route back to Pembroke Road and a warm bath.

It's a tough run... in fact, a very tough run and maybe I have to consider people's ability before taking my clients out on it.

More tomorrow from Yaaarrrrrrkkkkkkkksshire. Yes I get around you know...

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