Friday, 16 December 2011

Roundabout - YES

I said I wouldn't do a track marathon again this year or more like EVER but tomorrow's 24hr Track Race in Barcelona gets me doing just that, what was I thinking and how did I get conned into this one? Anyway it will be a lot easier for me jogging away 42.2km in 4 to 5 hrs than Jenny's task of 209km+ to get a qualifying place in next year's World Championships. Yikes!

And warm it's not and actually it's a bit brrrreezzzyy to say the least in the quietest city in Europe... if we think the shops are quiet in the UK, they are incredibly dead here.

The other thing I have noticed is that I am very TALL here! The locals are quite a lot smaller than me... it's more like Lilliput than Catalunya or is it my heels.... Anyway...

How we both fair from tomorrow midday to midday Sunday, well no-one can guess as we have done bugger-all training but then again that might be a bonus as we are both totally chilled as far as a Salter can get before a race. She'll be going for it for sure anyway and I will encourage her as much as her backside can take the pounding of my size 11 to get her over the 210km she needs.

It would finish off a great year for her... and her Coach :-)

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