Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Name of the Game - Abba

We have seen a Morgan, Keaton, Mason and believe me not, even a d'Artagnan (no doubt spelt Dartagnan) today in my 'Terrible Names for Children Part II Blog'. What is it with people and these AWFUL names for kids? It makes me cringe! My extensive research shows that the 'chavier' it gets, the names get worse!

Taylor and Harrison as you know are pet hates for any child and their middle initials of ADH and D seems to be a natural progression for these poor kids.

I am not sure where these names even came from, perhaps they are Brittany and Ryan mutations? I wish they would go away, along with the Madisons and Paris' of this world. It's time to have tighter government control on having stupid names for kids and make sure that names are spelt correctly and are only chosen from an approved list with the obvious exceptions.

More tomorrow...

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