Tuesday, 14 August 2012

It's raining men - The Weather Girls

The lady in our local post office says that the weather is going to be really good for the next 17 days. And I am more than happy to take her prediction as the iPhone one we have been following for the past few days has been totally inaccurate. Don't get me wrong as a rule of thumb, I would expect a good downpour most days of the week in Cardiff but actually it's been bright blue skies and brilliant sunshine since Friday. Maybe our Lady in the Post Office should takeover down at the Apple Weather Centre... I reckon she'd do a better job...

Anyway, whilst Jenny was in talking to Cardiff's version of Michael Fish, I was routing thru the glovebox and came across an A to Z (of Birmingham of all places) that hadn't been thumbed for many a day as of course we now use the iPhone to navigate our way from place to place across town and down entire countries, especially in our case last year on Jenny's 'Length of Ireland' Guinness World Record.

It all got me thinking that if the weather is that inaccurate - how come the maps are so good?

Let's see how we get on tomorrow... we are route marking the ULTRArace Peaks course and it is proposing heavy rain right now... Maybe I need to call the Canton, Cardiff Post Office, for a more accurate picture?

More tomorrow...

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