Monday, 27 August 2012

Earth - Jefferson Starship

Well hopefully you had a much drier Bank Holiday than we've had down in ARAF... it feels as if the the nation has been in suspended animation as people try and wring the last dregs of summer out of their holidays.

World News has been dominated by 'The Armstrongs'... sadly for Neil as his amazing life came to it's natural end at 82 but more so for Lance who will no longer be held in such sporting reverence ever again following his alleged doping charges.

Whether we'll miss either, who knows? And only time will tell. It is sad that such an iconic figure of the 20th Century is no longer with us and also that a sporting legend is no more... We need people in our World to inspire and drive us on to greater things.

Who are your legends? Sir Chris Hoy? Sir Ranolph Fiennes...I'd love to know.

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